Ming Tai Industrial Co has developed wide variety of steel strip spring for industrial application
Tensioning & Loading, Counterbalancing, Retrieving & Returning, Rotational Energy – The applications of Steel Strip Spring are beyond your imagination.
New Taipei City, Taiwan – Ming Tai Industrial Co., a global leading manufacturer of steel strip spring, has develpoed wide variety of steel strip spring for industrial application. With 3D CAD image, Ming Tai Industry is able to demonstrate the engineering function of steel strip springs, such as Tensioning & Loading, Counterbalancing, Retrieving & Returning, and Rotational Energy.
Ming Tai Industry Co designs and manufactures steel strip springs including Constant force spring, constant force spring for carbon brush of motor, constant torque spring, variable torque springs, power spring. All products are certificated with ISO9001 and RoHs compliant. Now a day, steel strip springs are applied to wide range of products, such as medical, pharmacy, health care equipment, appliance, automotive and energy, transport, machinery and industrial fields.
Constant force spring has the characteristics of long stroke with constant force. It is ideal for a wide variety of applications where constant force is needed, such as height adjustment for LED display screen and electric fan, POP display, stapler. These products require constant force, including smooth returning and retrieving, counterbalancing, and tensioning and loading.
Constant force spring is also applied to carbon brush. Constant force spring can keep the same pressure on commutator, to reduce the current consumption and electromagnetic interference, and to increase the growth of brush life,
Constant Torque Spring can keep constant torque force with high applicant turns. The high efficient given torque can be applied to the rewinding of the power cord, USB Line automatic rewinding device, cordless shade, long – running rotational energy, the counterbalancing.
Power Spring, also known as clockwork, needs a housing to limit its outside Diameter. By using the rotating of power spring against the center axis of spring housing, power spring stores force. When the force disappears, power spring will produce a torque on the center axis of spring housing. Power spring is mainly applied to case clock, toys, timers, such as power lines, compressed air pipes, automobile seat belts and other auto-rewind device.
Both variable force spring and variable torque spring break through a barrier, while conventional spring is limited by Hooke's law to led to loading increased along with the stroke stretch. According to the demand on the use of force or torque curve, Ming Tai will provide appropriate design for variable force spring and variable torque spring.
On Spring Tec Fair, Ming Tai will showcase how does power spring be applied to precision pen medicine injector as well. This application has gained great performance and acquires high affirmation from the suppliers of drug delivery systems. The new type of precision pen medicine injector uses a distinctive power spring to deliver small but highly accurate doses of medicament. Through the power of constant force and thrust of power spring, the drugs can be injected into body with fix speed and quantity. Due to the constant force of spring, it solves the problem of divergent tolerance of the injector and provides high constant force requirements for a high-viscous solution.
Want to find out the applications of steel strip spring in the medical, health care equipment, electrical goods, automotive, energy, transportation, machinery and industrial fields? Welcome to Ming Tai Industrial booth no. E34 on 2013 Spring Tec Fair at Stuttgart, Germany, or contact product design engineer, Chen Shyue-Sheng at mtis@powerspring.com.tw for more detail informations.
About Ming Tai Industrial Co.
Ming Tai Industrial Co is the professional manufacturer on spring steel strip, products include Constant Force Spring, Constant Torque Spring, Power Spring, Variable Force / Torque Spring, Spring-Strip Tubes. All products are ISO9001 certificated, and comply with RoHs. Founded in 1963, Ming Tai Industrial Co has more than 40 years experience to help customers solve a variety of design and application solution of steel strip. Furthermore, Ming Tai Industrial Co keeps in-house production to ensure stable quality and rapid delivery, from steel strip material import, slitting, heat treatment, to the entire computerized automatic production process. Welcome to visit www.powerspring.com.tw for more detailed information.
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